Alpha tests – #4 | Testers recruitment

Hello again!:) Just to keep you up-to-date we would like to share with you a bunch of features and fixes that we’ve pushed this week to our Alpha server. The game version is already 3 numbers higher (0.6.4) than a week ago – it should give you an impression how busy we are with the development.:)
For those interested in details, here are the changelogs starting from version 0.6.2:

Changelog – Out of Reach 0.6.2

Changelog – Out of Reach 0.6.3

Changelog – Out of Reach 0.6.4

In your comments you ask us a lot how we plan to balance the fun of destroying with the fun of building. We have already implemented special “furniture” to the houses like Builder’s desk to prevent unknown castaways from building at one’s base (which includes a Pile that is necessary for burning down) or upgrade for walls, doors and windows.
From the version 0.6.2 you are able to leave even more surprises for your opponents such as traps that can be triggered even when the owner is not playing! Here’s our new video that can serve also as a trap manual:

Second round of testing

Lastly, we have great news for those of you who would like to push forward the development of Out of Reach by populating the first Alpha server located in Canada, look for some hidden imperfections and have fun at the same time trying to survive on an island before the release. In other words – we have opened a second round of testing and seek a few dozens of committed gamers to join us! For more information please visit .