Coming out

Finally the day has come!

After over 8 months of development we decided to show ourselves to the general public. We believe that during all this time, we’ve created a solid material to show that will meet your expectations for a challenging gameplay as a castaway. And that’s only the beginning! If you are curious about further news you can find them here on our page and also on FacebookYoutube and (in the near future) in other popular sources.

Once a week (or two) we will post new information about our current course of actions and what we achieved. This way you will be able to monitor our progress and suggest all those cool new features that you would like to see!

The game in its current state is fully playable, we distribute every new build among our friends (approximately 30 people), implement their feedback and test every single feature before showing it to the audience. That’s why you can be sure that our next upcoming updates on burning down enemy strongholds and the in-game achievement system are not just mock-ups but functional great features in the world of lost people!

Stay tuned for more information and our Indiegogo campaign!